The American West

Amos and I at Zion National Park.

Hey, it's been a minute. The past few months have been exciting to say the least and it's time that I start sharing what I've been doing.

You see, my buddy Amos and I have always wanted to do a road trip across the western half of the United States. I wanted to see my own country finally and Amos (hailing from Finland) wanted to get to know the USA more intimately. Well, a few years after we met, we were finally able to make this trip happen. We spent over two months living out of my car (a Mazda 6) and camping across the American West. The states we ended up spending a significant time in were (in order) Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and California.

This trip was truly life changing and there are many photos and stories to tell from this adventure. So, what is my plan to share this adventure with you? Firstly, I will be uploading multiple photo albums under the title "The American West (State Name)" I've actually already uploaded the first state, Colorado and you can find that on the "Albums" tab on this site. I will also leave a button on the bottom of this blog that will take you there.

Secondly, I want to tell some of the exciting stories from the trip in blog format. What stories and how many will I tell? I haven't decided that yet. There's plenty to tell and I will write as I feel inspired to do so.

So, stay tuned and I will update you as more photo albums are released. I hope you are excited to view and learn about another life changing adventure.

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