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We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with fear, panic, doubt, and distress from a multitude of sources such as the news, social media and our peers.

My goal with this website is to get away from all of that for a moment to shed a bit of light on the true beauty of our existence.


Our world is in itself a miracle, and I think everyone's lives would be just a small bit better if we took the time to appreciate its beauty every once in awhile. 

So, who the hell am I, anyway?

My name is Harrison Fitts and I am a 21 year old guy with a passion for photography and travel.

After a few years of taking photos and only posting them on Instagram I couldn't help but feel like there had to be more to this whole photography thing than social media. With this feeling of a lack of fulfillment I finally asked myself the question "Why do I take photos?"

It's a question I think I subconsciously know the answer to, but I've never tried to put into words. Now, I have by no means fully articulated this answer yet, but I think I'm slowly getting there.


One thing I've come to realize is that I'm not doing this whole travel photography thing for anyone else but myself. I really don't care about how many likes I get on Instagram or if someone isn't exactly a fan of my work.


What I do care about however, is creating something meaningful for myself and potentially useful to others, so... here we are.


What should you expect?

The main things you will find on this site are the photo albums from my adventures and a blog where I share different stories from those adventures.


You can subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of any page on this site to get updated on any new albums or blog posts.


I've also included a page where you can directly contact me, so feel free to fire away at any comments or questions. 

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